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Diamond Premium Oboe Reed

Diamond Premium Oboe Reed

PriceFrom $45.00
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Exquisite oboe reeds for the discerning oboist. Diamond Premium Oboe Reeds are made from the same professional-grade materials as Premium Oboe Reeds, but just play better. Many reed makers experience the phenomenon that every now and then, a reed will inexplicably play better than the others in its batch. An even warmer sound, perfectly balanced vibration, greater projection, impeccable pitch, etc.


Custom attributes may be requested, such as opening size, pitch preference, etc. However, most reeds will perform best on my standard setup: medium opening, finished to play perfectly here in Eugene at A=440. 


The Reed Whisperer Standard staple: A custom-made premium staple, 46.5mm length, brass construction with medium-thickness walls, and bore designed for balanced airflow and resistance.


Standard shape: Mack+ on the Reeds n' Stuff Shaping Machine (not identical to Mack+ shaped by hand). A well-balanced shape with a narrow throat, followed by a decent flare in the belly to a medium-wide heart and tip. Keep all the depth and dynamic range of wider shapes, but without the flatness.


You may specify the following preferences in writing:

Opening options: Standard, More open, More closed

Intonation options: A=440 (C crow), Slightly Sharper, Slightly Flatter


Finish Preference:

  • Fully finished reeds are standard, ready to be played by oboists of any level. 
  • 80% Finished (Professional) reeds are ready to be perfected by an experienced reed maker. Professional level, not for beginners. A little extra heft on it, but with some refining can have exquisite response, intonation, and tone.
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly reeds!
Subscribe and save $1 per reed!
$45.00every month until canceled
Reeds every 2 months
Subscribe and save $1 per reed!
$45.00every 2 months until canceled
  • Additional Info

    Satisfaction guaranteed for replacement or refund. All reeds made by The Reed Whisperer are sanitized for your safety. 

    Please check the yellow box on the main store page to keep updated on the status of the wait list. Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received unless upon special request--please email.

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