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Daily Oboe Warm-Ups and Fundamentals (Printed and spiral bound)

Daily Oboe Warm-Ups and Fundamentals (Printed and spiral bound)

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A 53 page reusable reference for intermediate to advanced oboists looking to solidify their tone and fundamentals. A full page of instructions (not pictured) guides the player through a wide variety of long tones (partially pictured above), articulation practice methods, speed articulation exercises, and a 25-part daily rotation of scale and arpeggio patterns (partially pictured above). Meant to be played in sequence, the 25-part scale and arpeggio rotation features two pages of patterns in each major and harmonic minor scale. Each major scale is followed by its relative minor, and then by the next major scale with one added flat. This sequential approach means that each scale is insignificantly different from the scale patterns played the day before. Day 25 includes chromatic scales and patterns (partially pictured above). After finishing day 25, you go back to day 1 but click the metronome up one notch. A chart is included at the beginning of the book to help keep track of your progress.  This version of the book is printed on heavy, high-quality paper, spiral bound, and includes plastic covers for protection. There is also a PDF version available for download and a discount ($10).
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