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Below, you will find recommended product links, websites, video tutorials, and other notable resources for oboe students and reed makers of any level. Check in regularly and/or follow The Reed Whisperer on social media to keep posted when new video tutorials or sections of this page are added.


These specific items are recommended for their reliable function and respectable price. Items with alternative attributes/brands may not function as reliably.

The product links will be directed towards the website with the best price found as of the last edit of this page, but lower prices may be found by searching the specific name of the item online (IE, "Flat pointed-end blued steel oboe plaque"). If a link is broken, please let me know so that I can keep this page as helpful as possible.

The sections are ordered from least advanced (required for beginners and experienced oboists alike) to most advanced (only necessary for the most experienced oboists).

Basic warm-up/etude resources and daily maintenance (recommended for ALL oboists):

The Reed Whisperer oboe reeds

"Daily Oboe Warm-Ups and Fundamentals" by Joseph Wenda

AMR Barret Method for the Oboe - PDF (free) or Edited/Bound $31

Tunable tuner/metronome app $8

Swab: Silk pull-through oboe swab with tail $12

Cigarette paper (any, ungummed): OCB Cigarette Papers $2

Cork grease (any): Superslick Cork Grease Tube $2

Tenon caps (any): Loree Oboe tenon cap set $36

Polishing cloth (any): Polishing Cloth $8

Screwdriver (any small flathead screwdriver): Precision Screwdriver $6

Small (6+) reed case (any well-built, sturdy case): Wooden 6 Oboe Reed Case $37 

Large (20+) reed case (any): Wooden 40 Oboe Reed Case $79

Oboe case: Bonna Compact Oboe Case $260

Basic reed adjusting (recommended for ALL reed makers): Basic Scrape Tutorial Video

Reeds at any stage of finish 

Knife (and grinding stone): Harvard Double Reeds Complete Right-handed Knife Sharpening System (EZE-LAP stone) $210

Other Sharpening: Professional Ceramic Honing Rod $32

Plaques: Flat Pointed End Blued Steel Oboe Plaque $2

Mandrel: (any) Chiarugi (Rigotti) Oboe Mandrel $22

Cutting block: (any) Oboe Cutting Block $12

Ruler: (any with mm. measurements) MusEcho Oboe Family Gauge Ruler $40

Razor Blades: (any, the sharper the better) GEM Single Edge Razor Blades (20 pack) $4

Carrying case: (any) Wilson Nylon Single (or Double) Tool Case $28

(optional) Magnet to hold plaques, razor: (any) Self-Adhesive Business Card Magnets

Reed tying (recommended only for intermediate reed makers):

TRW Premium Shaped cane

TRW Staples

C Clamp (optional): (any) 3 in. C-Clamp $7

Thread: (any silk or nylon, size: FF)

Clear nail polish (to secure thread, optional): (any) 

Shaping (recommended only for advanced reed makers):

TRW Premium Gouged cane

Shaper handle: Oboe Shaper Handle $100

Shaper tip: RDG Oboe Shaper Tip #-1 (Medium Narrow) $155

Razor blades: (any) American Line Single Edge Razor Blades - 100-Pack $9

Easel (optional): (any) Oboe Easel $22

Gouging (recommended for advanced reed makers):

TRW Premium Pre-gouged cane

Gouging machine (with guillotine attached): Reeds 'n Stuff 11.00 mm, Blade 11.15 (US Standard) $1643

Cane splitting, pre-gouging, and sorting (recommended for advanced reed makers):

Tube cane

Cane splitter (very basic): Razor blade (any above)

Cane splitter (basic): Forrests Oboe/English Horn Cane Splitter $60

Cane splitter (advanced): Reeds 'n Stuff Cane Splitter for Oboe & English Horn $155

Radius gauge (basic): included on MusEcho ruler/multi-tool (above)

Radius gauge (advanced): Reeds 'n Stuff Radius Dial Indicator for Oboe $242

Guillotine (if not attached to gouger): Reeds 'n Stuff Cane Cutter for Oboe $313

Pre-gouger (basic): Westwind Oboe Pre-gouger $90.00 

Pre-gouger (advanced): Reeds 'n Stuff Pregouging Machine 11.00 mm Diameter $851

Hardness tester (optional, advanced): Reeds 'n Stuff Digital Hardness Tester $549

English Horn (EH) Specific Supplies (only for advanced reed makers):

TRW Premium EH Reeds, blanks, and cane

Neck strap: BG English Horn neck strap $42

EH Swab (any silk pull through with tail) $19

EH Stand: Oboe/English Horn Folding Stand, K&M $59

Ob/EH double case: Marcus Bonna Oboe and English Horn Case $615

EH Mandrel: English Horn Mandrel by Rigotti $29

EH Staples (basic): Chiarugi Brass English Horn Staple No. 2 $2.75

EH Staples (advanced): Chudnow - A English Horn Staple, Bronze $8

EH Wire: Brass English Horn Wire (24 Ga) $8

Pliers (any needlenose) $7

EH Tubing $1.50

EH Shaper Tip: Walters-Moore English horn shaper tip $300

EH Gouging Machine: Reeds 'n Stuff English Horn Gouging Machine 12.5mm Diameter, 12.5mm Blade $1651

EH Pregouger: Reeds 'n Stuff English Horn Pregouger (Push-Style) $165

Advanced reed business /maintenance (only for prospective reed business owners):

Reeds 'n Stuff Profiling Machine Oboe USA Klein- $1864 with the required Blade Adjustment Indicator $175

Oboe reed coffins $0.50

Small self adhesive boxes 50 pack - $25

49-pin Reeds 'n Stuff Oboe Reed Drying Rack $50

Water boiler with "warm" setting $70

Octave Insert Remover $60

Spring Hook $22

Bore Oil $8

Key Oil $10

Pheasant Feathers (Pack of 4) $5

Flitz Silver Polish Paste $9

Thank you for reading! Please follow on social media (links below) to keep posted when more links and video tutorials are added.

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