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Hardness Tested Gouged/Pregouged Oboe Cane

Hardness Tested Gouged/Pregouged Oboe Cane

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Most cane manufacturers sort cane by grower, but every batch has pieces that are too hard, too soft, and everywhere in between. Leave nothing up to chance! These pieces are all individually hardness tested for ideal performance and consistency piece to piece.


Loree cane gouged to 0.60mm (ready to be shaped) or pregouged to ~0.90mm (ready to be gouged). All pieces are straight and meticulously measured for hardness and curvature. Both pre-gouge and gouge are on Reeds n' Stuff machines. The gouge is set to replicate the popular American "Double-Radius Gouge" technique for ideal curve of center to side measurements, excellent resonance, and reliable pitch.


Diameter options: Standard, More open (10-10.5mm), More Closed (10.5-11mm). Specify in writing.


Cane options:

  • Very soft (best for practicing reed making, but may not turn into a great reed)
  • Medium Soft (great for teachers making reeds for students, or quickly making a nice, playable reeds)
  • Medium (recommended, easy to make and turns into a great reed)
  • Medium Hard (can be made into a fantastic reed especially in more humid climates, but could take more time to refine)
  • Very Hard (not recommended, but could be a very powerful reed with the right refinement and climate)
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