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The Reed Whisperer Staples

The Reed Whisperer Staples

PriceFrom $2.50
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As requested, introducing 'The Reed Whisperer' premium oboe staples, the exact ones used in all of our premium and student oboe reeds. Constructed with a 46.5mm metal tube and medium wall thickness, these staples are designed for balanced airflow and resistance.


The Standard model features a brass tube with premium natural cork, while the Student model has the same brass tube but with synthetic cork for easy reed well insertion. The Silver model is identical to the Standard model, but the tube is made of silver for added "ring" in the tone.

All models provide great intonation and consistent construction. Fit for large (2+, Loree, etc.) mandrels is tight and flush with the top (pictured). Fit for small mandrels (2, Rigotti, etc.) is down ~1.5mm past the top.

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