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Oboe Reed Blank

Oboe Reed Blank

PriceFrom $7.50
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Oboe reed blank. Tip is scraped but not clipped open. Your choice of cane, shape, and staple.


Cane options: Very soft (best for practicing reed making, but may not turn into a great reed), Medium Soft (great for teachers making reeds for students, or quickly turning a reed into something playable), Medium (recommended, easy to make and turns into a great reed), Medium Hard (can be made into a great reed especially in more humid climates, but could take more time to refine), Very Hard (not recommended, but could be a very powerful reed with the right refinement and climate).


Shape Options: Mack + (standard, medium wide), Brannen X (medium narrow)


Staple Options: Standard (The Reed Whisperer Standard staple, 46.5mm brass medium thickness walls with premium natural cork), Student (The Reed Whisperer Student staple, same as the Standard staple but with synthetic cork), Other (any readily available staple in the USA under $6, as requested in writing).

  • Additional Info

    Please allow a few business days to process custom orders. Orders from inventory may be possible--please contact Dr. Wenda for urgent requests.

    Satisfaction is guaranteed. Unsatisfactory and/or damaged reeds may be refunded or replaced at earliest convenience.

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