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Private Instruction (in-person or online)

Dr. Joseph Wenda has nearly a decade of private teaching experience with dozens of successful current and former oboe students throughout the country. Notable student achievements include winning auditions for professional orchestra positions, large scholarships and assistantships at prestigious schools of music, winning auditions for various All-State bands/orchestras, and high placements at All-State solo and ensemble competitions.

Dr. Wenda's teaching style varies from student to student depending on their personality, musical goals, and career trajectory. Lessons commonly include diagnoses of oboe/reed physical adjustment, check-ups on a healthy regimen of fundamentals practice, and guided observations of musicality in solo repertoire.

The rate for private lessons (in-person or online) is $100/week for a 1 hour lesson and reeds at no additional cost. Lessons may occur in-person in Eugene, or anywhere with a stable online connection via Zoom. Interested parties please reach out via the contact form. Thank you.

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